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Lyon Lynx Clan


A paranormal shifter M/M series that follows the lives and developing relationship between Derick Atwater, a newbie lynx shifter, and his mentor and partner, Benoit Chevalier. From first learning he is a shifter during college, to meeting his father's clan, and falling into a life of love, shifting, and a career as a lynx. It's much more than running through the snow.


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Formerly part of First Time Shifter Anthology
Paws in the Snow

When he turns 21, all Derick Atwater wants is to survive the traditional Party Row shots, pass his winter finals, and try not to fall deeper in lust for his mythology TA, Benoit Chevalier.

After receiving a strange journal with a mysterious phrase: “Under the new moon, during deep winter, a cat will place his paws upon the snow for the first time”, he starts to feel weird. His skin ripples. Muscles ache.

Though he would follow the dreamy TA anywhere, he isn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a blizzard. Once the truth about his ‘flu’ is revealed, all Derick really wants now is to pass his finals, but first he needs to survive a very long night.

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Book #1

Life as a Lynx

Idea in Progress

Continuing the story of Derick and Benoit

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Book no.1
Book no.pre
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