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Magic passed through ancient bloodlines for generations. A powerful family gifted with Elf, Fae, and Human magic, the McShaynes watched over the balance of nature. While the Otherkin receded from any mortal connection, the McShaynes refuse to leave their ancestral lands. Until the Humans turn against magic.

Four McShayne sons spread across the lands. Each one fears he is the last. They fight to survive the harsh atmosphere, maintain their their bloodline gifts, and discover love and the true meaning of family.

Book #1

McShayne's Dragon

Betrayed, Morric McShayne, a bloodline elemental witch, wakes during a lightning storm, bound to a post—the latest sacrifice to appease a dragon. He swears to survive as the last McShayne and there is no dragon until a powerful claw plucks him away from the precipice.


With every equinox, the dragon’s keeper, Xavier, pushes back the loneliness. The keeper holds a secret until magic flares. This sacrifice is different.


They battle desire and duty. When a single kiss changes everything, can the Fae help them answer more secrets and a legend’s promise? Do they fight against Fate’s choice?

Book #2

McShayne's Fae

A darkness encroaches the lands. Otherkin are disappearing. Towns attacked.


The Golden Forest Fae Prince of the Solas High Court, Caderyn O’ Ceithearnaigh-Ard, finds himself in the middle of the battle. Where he learns a McShayne witch is a prisoner of these dangerous creatures, but escapes into a tangled land of broken magic. The mysterious witch who enters the Court’s gardens, no matter the magical barriers, and draws Caderyn’s attention.


Needing help to help Larkin McShayne, he contacts another McShayne witch and his dragon. With their assistance, they try to draw Larkin out of the tangled lands and back to reality.


Only there is more to the witch, to the prince, and what faces the Court.

Book #3

McShayne's Elf

An unknown enemy threatens the Southern Woodland Realm of Elves. Defenses struggle. The King and Queen creates a solution to save the Realm and their son, Prince Conchobar Ó Díomasaigh, but with a high price.


Left as a foundling, Braedyn of the Dark grew up knowing he was different from the Elves. Mixed blood and connected to a gray hawk familiar, he struggles to fit in until he becomes Captain of the Royal Shields for the prince. Fleeing with the prince, Braedyn discovers there is more to the prince and himself.


With shadows following them, can the unlikely pair make it to their destination? Recover what was lost? Can they save the Realm of the Elves and themselves? Or will everything be lost to the darkness.

Book #4

McShayne's Merman
** Story in Progress **


Rayyan McShayne – Half water dragon / Half bloodline witch


Llyr Farraige – Neptune merfolk prince / half Fae – cousin to Cade

Book no.2
Book no.1

McShayne Bloodline

Book no.3
Book no.4
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