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Southern Charm – a series of books set in the town of Shore Breeze on the Florida Panhandle Coast at the edge of the Fairview Peninsula. The Charm is an antebellum B&B with a popular restaurant, Southern Delights. Though the Charm survived a hundred years, the last ten have been difficult on its survival – hurricanes, oil spills, and the economy. These are the stories of the men who live within and venture to the Charm to help save her and each other.

Book #7

Saving the Wedding

Out of the swirling mix of secrets and a hurricane, can love survive? 

Two years later, part of the Charm family, Gavin Hartfield creates magical memories and events. One of those weddings will be for the Charm’s owners, Samuel Ashford and Dakota Mitchell, if they ever make up their minds. The other one for his ex-boyfriend and his new partner. In the middle of all this, he keeps tangling with a tattooed brusque EMT.


Xavier “Gray” Grayson feels a bit on the outside looking in when it comes to the collection of Charm men. He envies all of them finding love. Pushing his non-existent sex life filled with one-nights at clubs aside, he runs through life as an EMT and college student pushing to better himself. Running along the beach and trails become his relief and sanctuary. Until he keeps tripping over the new event coordinator.


An incoming hurricane takes aim at Shore Breeze. The town braces for the impact. Plans falter and change. Will life, love, and a wedding follow these changes?

Book #8

Unexpected in the End
** Currently in Writing Process  -- Release 2023/24 **

** Not Final Blurb **

Five years after the Ashford/Mitchell wedding, the old B&B continues to inspire love.

Grown into a strong young man, Dorian Stewart tries to recover from several hits to his heart. He struggles to regain his balance and find his way out of the deep depression he spirals into after losing his mother. Tired of fighting, he returns from culinary school and in charge of the expanded event services with the new event coordinator, Gavin Hartfield. While working around all the events, he wonders if he'll get a chance to find love.

At the end of his ropes with his musical career, California "Cal" Mitchell packs the last of his belongings and hits the road. He stops to pick up odd gigs for cash. Cal heads to the Southern Charm, the home of his big brother, Dakota, and his new husband. He hopes Dakota can give him another shot or find something within Shore Breeze. There's also the adorable sous chef he flirted with during his previous visits. 

A second chance approaches both men. Determined to help Dorian find his way out of the darkness, Cal must learn how to live a life without looking for the next good time. Instead, Cal finds there is more to life, music, and love.

Love and hope grace the Southern Charm once more.

Upcoming Books

There are three books in the planning after 'End'.
Run and Hide
Facing the Past
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Book no.7
Book no.8
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