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Southern Charm – a series of books set in the town of Shore Breeze on the Florida Panhandle Coast at the edge of the Fairview Peninsula. The Charm is an antebellum B&B with a popular restaurant, Southern Delights. Though the Charm survived a hundred years, the last ten have been difficult on its survival – hurricanes, oil spills, and the economy. These are the stories of the men who live within and venture to the Charm to help save her and each other.

Free Southern Charm Short Stories

Please contact me via FB Messenger or Email if you would like a copy of these Short Stories - Available in PDF or Kindle.
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Southern Charm Short Stories & Tidbits


  • A Gift for a Chance

  • Dorian’s Birthday Moment

  • A Christmas Surprise

  • A Little More Research

  • A Belated Valentine’s Surprise

  • Another Step


This booklet contains stories and tidbits written over the years on my lost blog and freebie giveaways. It includes characters up through Doc Elliott and Jude.

Chandler's First Christmas.jpg
Chandler's First Christmas

Sully Tarleton loves decorating for Christmas. He starts the minute Thanksgiving is over. Only this year is different. This year, he loves Chandler Braddock more than his decorating craziness. Chandler continues to fight his OCD and anxiety. Knowing about Chandler's past, Sully's determined to give Chandler his first real Christmas, from learning how to decorate a tree to surviving a Christmas Eve party. His only wish is for Chandler to love everything and not freak out.

Roses & Chocolates.jpg
Roses & Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is here. Roses and chocolates are everywhere.


Doctor Elliott Sheffield has a bit of a problem. His partner, Jude Sebastian, is the owner of the popular floral shop, Flowers in the Breeze, and sees flowers every single day. Thanks to the holiday, Jude’s swamped with last minute desperate partners scrambling to get their sweetheart something ‘special’. The other issue. Jude is a diabetic. Chocolates and other sweets are off the table.


Doc Elliott needs to figure out how to fix his problem. Stat.

Unexpected Treat.jpg
Unexpected Treat

Gavin Hartfield didn’t have a clue how the town celebrates Halloween except no one needs him to create a costume party. Instead of joining the festivities, he concentrates on the party planning inventory to ready Southern Charm for the first line-up of events.


Of course, his boss, Samuel Ashford, isn’t letting him slink into the shadows. He pulls Gavin into the latest wacky group costumes idea and drags him into the fray. In the midst of the craziness, he checks out a WWII medic within the crowd.

Thanksgiving Revision.jpg
Thanksgiving Revision

The pandemic swept across the world. Normal life shattered. Everything shuttered. The Southern Charm B&B, her restaurant, Southern Delights, and the new event planning division, Charmed Occasions, were almost devastated. All the rooms empty. Vacations canceled. Weddings and events canceled and rescheduled. The Delights’ team changed to pick-up and delivery until it could slowly open the vast dining room opened a bit at a time.


Separated from their chosen family, Samuel Ashford didn’t want the Thanksgiving holiday to be another precious gift lost to the pandemic. He proposed a Thanksgiving revision to Dakota and Malcolm. They would find a way to celebrate with their family.


Not even a pandemic can keep the Charm family apart. There’s always a way to celebrate and remain safe.

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